Review by Ryan Falzon

Combining mastery in technique and strong concepts, Matyou’s works fits in the notions that are expected by professional contemporary artists nowadays.


Having work successfully in a variety of diverse material, ranging from scrap metal to oils, the viewer is aware that Matyou has got a wide chance of media in which to develop his concepts, making the choice of material an art in itself.


His pornstar series is successful since it brings together so many diverse elements to create a successful image. The pop aspect of porn is married with traditional poses and forms associated with saints.  The colour schemes in these works reflect the loose attitude of the paintings.  The roles of religion and sin in an environment where porn is easy available hangs all over the works, enfasizing the suggestive element found in the poses.  These works also deal with the idea of the nude and naked within fine art works…with the source clearly visible, are Matyou’s work a copy of a photo of naked females, or have they been elevated to the glorified position of the nude, since they were reworked and exhibited in such manner?


Concepts in Matyou’s works play a huge role.  Although most of the times concepts are complex and can be difficult to grasp, the fact that the works are all backed up by such concepts is a huge assett.  With such concepts, Matyou can easily be a conceptual artist, and refrain from going to such lengths to produce works of the highest quality.


Other works, such as “Singing Stones” are lighter and may apply to a wider audience, and in such pieces comes out a clean aesthetic that is a common feature in Matyou’s sculptures.  “Monument to the sun/education” and  “Inorganic Organisms” emphasise the cleanliness of the line, an element which sometimes is not highlighted when it comes to drawing and painting.  “Sonic Sculpture” links with “Singing Stones”, showing that sound is a concept constantly explored by Matyou.  I believe that the Sonic Sculptures are far superior in their execution.


Having attended a couple of exhibitions in which Matyou exhibited, I must say that his works were always presented in the most appropriate manner (as far as the environment allowed).  His sculptures calls for a clean, neutral space since most of the time they are saturated and call for the utmost attention.


Ryan Falzon

Ryan Falzon is a Maltese artist with a variety of interests which include visual arts, punk rock and some 80’s electronic stuff and literature.